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Heli & Drone will put together the personnel and equipment package that best suits your objective and budget. Whether it’s a small local real estate shoot, or big time production, we’ll dial it in.

Our precision cinema crews have successfully worked on film missions around the world. We can operate any camera mount from aerial, suspended, and submersed platforms in any environment on Earth. FAA certified drone crews, SAG helicopter pilots, dive certified filmmakers, and more. Safety is considered above all else from every angle during planning and pre production.

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Meet Our Aerial Production Units



Our Hollywood-based pilot & aerial coordinator is a film and television veteran, and has worked all over North America on over 100 film and television projects. His experience includes high altitude and mountainous terrain as well as offshore and desert environment flying operations.

- Approved FAA Motion Picture Manual and is a SAG-AFTRA and SOC member.

- FAA Part 135 pilot continuously since 1999.

- Former Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.

- Red Bull Helicopter stunt pilot.

- Years of professional experience in the utility and charter sectors of the helicopter industry. As a utility pilot and IBEW member, Aaron has worked in the power line construction field building transmission towers in mountainous terrain. Presently the Chief Pilot at Summit Helicopter in Los Angeles, CA with a perfect safety record--no accidents, incidents, certificate actions, or violations.

The California State Firefighter’s Association awarded Aaron their Medal of Valor in April 2000 for rescuing the crew of a downed news helicopter as it burned on the ground.

Director of Photography

Our Vancouver, BC-based DP team has a long list of credentials on some of the biggest motion picture productions in history. They’ve even been on recent Academy Award-winning productions (The Revenant and Dunkirk). Other feature films include 007, The Dark Knight, Terminator, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Transformers, and much more along with TV series, documentaries, commercials, and special projects.

Gyro Stabilized Camera Systems


Tyler Mounts


Support Services

Location scouting

Aerial photography

Story aircraft

Air Taxi services

Fuel trucks



Los Angeles Crew

Our Los Angeles team has a strong reputation for delivering breathtaking drone cinematography on some of the film industry’s most technically challenging projects. Awarded the industry’s first-ever Emmy® for outstanding technical achievement in drone cinematography, they have strategic partnerships with leading brands in the industry and employ the top tech minds and aerial cinematographers in the industry.

Seattle Crew

From large format cinema packages, to chasing supercars for automotive campaigns or flying at high altitudes in the most extreme and remote corners of the world, they have a solution for it all. They are proud SOC and Local 600 members and offer both union and non-union drone crews. They work closely with your production to coordinate and submit all permitting and paperwork ensuring a smooth and efficient pre-pro workflow. They have extensive expertise in drones and aerial cinematography and can confidently help productions of any budget realize their aerial film making goals.

- FAA Section 333 and Part 107

- Certified FAA Night Time Waiver

- ApprovedFully Licensed & InsuredNetflix

- Approved Aerial CompanyApproved up to

- 50 million in drone liabilityLocal 600 and SOC members


Free Fall Stunts

Our team is lead by a professional skydiver with several world records and more than 19,000 jumps to his credit. He made his mark on the skydiving and stunt worlds when he jumped from 25,000 feet without a parachute or wingsuit, landing in a net of his own design. The stunt was performed on live television for a worldwide broadcast.

He has advanced the art of free fall cinematography with his work on big budget movies such as Iron Man, Fast and Furious, and Godzilla. He was also instrumental in the success of the Red Bull Stratos Project where he served as the skydiving consultant and parachute systems designer for the world record supersonic free fall.

Luke is a skydiving instructor, coach and member of the elite Red Bull Air Force demonstration team. He also serves as a board member for the United States Parachute Association. He trains elite Tier One Operations Teams for the Department of Defense in advanced skydiving and parachute operations.



More Film Production Services




  • Submersibles (down to 4k meters)

  • Dive-certified Photographers & Filmmakers


  • Pursuit Vehicle Systems


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We provide a range of video “post” services including basic and complex edits. Just tell us about your project!