Aerial cinema for major Hollywood, sports, and business film productions worldwide. From aerial producer, Troy Dominy.


Our action sports specialists include world record holders and are some of the most sought after extreme athletes in the world.

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FREE FALL Demonstration

Simply stated, our free fall “canopy pilots” are elite adrenaline professionals who’ve logged thousands of jumps around the world and include expertise in:

  • Movie Stunts

  • Parachute Systems

  • Wingsuit Systems

  • Free fall

  • BASE Jumps

  • Members of the elite Red bull Air Force

  • Department of Defense training

  • Speedriding

  • Skyaking

  • Rope-Swing BASE Jumping

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Our airplane and helicopter stunt pilots add the wow factor to your airshow demonstration event, or film & tv production. Accolades include:

  • U.S. National Aerobatic Team members

  • World competition medalists

  • Red Bull Air Race World Champion


Precision Drivers

Your production needs to get a motorsport specialist behind the wheel. Our male & female drivers have expertise in:

  • Film & TV stunt driving

  • Manufacturer test driving

  • Race teams

  • Freestyle motorcycle stunt riding

  • Professional drift

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