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Time to get personal about what powers H&D.

By Troy Dominy founder/producer/designer

  • My passion for aviation, cinema, and brand.

    That was me you just clicked on, in the overalls as a kid, “co-piloting” the Bell Huey on my dad’s lap on a North Cascades movie set in the early 80s. I grew up flying around the Northwest and British Columbia with him—airplanes and helicopters. He still flies for film & tv so this stuff is in the blood around here. Rick Dominy is also an official advisor to Heli & Drone, so his 45+ years of experience is available to us any time.

  • Seattle and the Greater Pacific Northwest needed someone to take the lead.

    The Puget Sound region is an underdog creative media hub. The intersection of aerospace, entertainment, sports, and tech is thriving in the PNW, so I want to champion the excitement!

  • Starting Heli & Drone was a natural next chapter.

    My professional background is in creative marketing team management, event production, and branding design. So I’m comfortable running an agency with experts around me. Our business model has grown over the years. What I started as a freelance graphic design company in 2013, has evolved into a 2.0 version— an “agency of the future” with advanced design, photo, and film production resources around the world. We are also a husband & wife owned company!

  • You deserve a better buying experience.

    For a host of reasons, landing the right creative resources can be a real challenge—no matter the size of project. Wouldn’t you like to just deal with a creative leader who knows the landscape?

  • Visit my LinkedIn profile for more of my professional background.