Worldwide aerial film production units for Hollywood, sports, business, and beyond

A better, smarter way for producers to attach the right helicopter & drone assets to film productions and you don’t even need to pay for it.


I developed Heli & Drone as a new service built specifically for busy unit production managers, producers, and directors of major film productions. I personally partner with you to solve aerial production personnel and equipment challenges that your script, location, and budget demand. My aerial teams are top-tier operators, fully licensed, insured, and certified to fly where you need them to. I can work with most film production needs worldwide.
— Aerial producer and creative media leader, Troy Dominy


As a producer, unit production manager, director, or whatever your role, you have crew acquisition tension points. Here’s how your job will change when you partner with us on aerial production needs:

5 big reasons to just go with Heli & Drone.




Calling around for multiple quotes? Stop here.

Stop price shopping and just be ready to pay these standard daily rates (+ expenses):


  • The industry standard for a helicopter film unit (flying the AS350) is around $20k per day with full cinema kit and all personnel.

  • Location scouting and need to charter helicopter? Typical helicopter day rates (flying the same AS350 single engine 4-5 passenger or similar) come in around $2k per hour with a 3-4 hour minimum booking. Cost goes up with seating capacity and heli size.


  • For a standard drone unit, that is pilot + camera gimbal operator, flying a “heavy-lift” drone shooting with an 8k camera package, you’ll pay around $7k—$11k per day.

  • Standard small-lift 6k drone units average $4k-6k per day.

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Coordinating availability? The answer is yes!

Lock it in here. Yes, we’re available during your shoot days. How easy is that?

If one of our local crews is not available, we’ll pull in a crew from out of town. You’ll pay more for that option (only because of travel expenses) but you’ll have your crew on the right day. Either way, we have resources in all the film hubs worldwide and can film the remotest parts of the Earth.


Hoping you’re hiring experience? Wonder not.

When the director is ready for drones or helicopters on set, they need battle-tested experts who can move quickly under duress, troubleshoot on the fly, and be in position when cameras are rolling. All of our resources are top-tier operators.

(You’ll see our crews’ cinema work in the next few scrolls…)


Getting slow responses from pilots, drone operators, and aerial DPs? Get us on the horn right now.

They’re often traveling or operating on set or flying. Instead of waiting around, just contact us now. We’ll likely pick up immediately or reply within minutes of your inquiry.


How much will this cost you? Nada. No catch. No asterisk.

Because we already have rates worked out with our own aerial units, your production pays nothing and we don’t need signatures. Check aerial production off your list and move on.


Just give us the details and say “go!”


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Just Need to Charter?


Yes we do! Charter a Seattle area helicopter flight for corporate events, getaways, location scouting, picture ships, weddings, or just because!