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Heli & Drone is a small creative development studio designed for the new world. We offer a unique combination of specialty film production and branding design services, all within a small agency setting.

For your film & photo shoots, we offer production operations by land, air, sea, or studio with access to modern capture technology and specialized camera platform units worldwide from top-tier, travel ready professionals.

For your brand design needs, we’re accessible, we’re award-winning, and we’re personal.

  • Helicopter & Drone Units

  • AERIAL & UNDERWATER camera systems

  • Brand Strategy & Design

  • Free Fall Teams

  • Precision Drivers

  • photography — Advertising & entertainment

  • Underwater & deep ocean Cinema


For budgets large & small


Drone Film Production Reel from our Los Angeles unit




Film. Photo. Branding.

8 Reasons to Hire Heli & Drone

  • We’re a husband & wife owned business so you’re not hiring a young gun who’s using your project as their first rodeo. We’re a small studio-agency, meaning we do some of the creative work in-house and some of it with specialists if the project calls for it. *We DO NOT mark up costs on specialist services. 

  • We’re real: we actually exist! We’re Seattle-based. We can be phoned, Skyped, met with in your office, met with in our office, and even texted with after hours.  

  • We have hundreds of projects under our belt and have made our clients a lot of money. Here’s one multi-million dollar case study.

  • Agility: we respond very quickly before, during, and after a project.

  • CX: we are not the cheapest option you’ll find, but the quality and customer experience you’ll receive from us leaves clients raving. We’ve won two awards for it.

  • We’re really good: our work speaks for itself, but if you’re still not convinced, here’s some more client buzz.

  • Expertise: in film production, photography, and branding design.

  • Scalability: we fit the appropriate resources to your project and can handle anything from a small flyer design to a major motion picture production. And if you’re a small nonprofit, you really win because you’ll get Hollywood caliber services for nonprofit prices.